The 5 Steps of Proper Tree Trimming and Tree Care


It truly does take expertise to adequately manage the tree trimming and tree maintenance on your property. Proper tree care is nearly half science and half art.

The areas to consider when planning to manage trees on your property include:

Removing All Deadwoods from Your Trees

Deadwood creates rot which spreads to healthy parts of the tree. This also creates a desirable place for bugs to nourish and reproduce.

Shape and Balance the Tree

Shaping and balancing greatly enhances the appearance, future growth and stability of the tree. Thin-out and remove criss-crossing branches from the entire tree. This allows light to penetrate the tree canopy which contributes to the tree’s health as well as that of the foliage.

Remove Weight from Heavy-Laden Branches

Removing heavy branches eliminates stress in major branches, reducing the chance of tree limb breakage.

Clear Branches from Roofs of Nearby Houses and Structures

Clearing branches reduces danger of damage to your house and liability for damage to your neighbors’ homes.